Hi there, I’m Oliver, if you’re reading this then you obviously want to know more behind the scenes of Garden List, why this exists and what started my passion for all things gardening.

My passion for gardening and the outdoors started from an early age, my parents are keen gardeners themselves and my early memories as a child consisted of me and my Dad watering the garden, planting new flowers and especially in the winter getting very muddy.

Fast forward to today and things haven’t really changed. I love spending time outside on the soil in the sun. There’s so many additional benefits from gardening, be it a great form of physical activity, improving our mental health, or just to help us eat more healthily. I love being able to improve myself generally as a person and to spend quality time with my wife and to create the same experiences I had as a child with my two children.

I started Garden List to not only share my experiences, but I also wanted to hopefully inspire a new generation of gardeners, and to share my knowledge and tips to get you spending more time outside, enjoying everything the world has to offer.

If you’re yet to start exploring the site, start reading through my posts and guides to help get you started today. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you find everything I have to share useful.